‘Room’ Director To Release Adaptation of Sarah Waters’ ‘The Little Stranger’

Lenny Abrahamson’s movie Room was loved by both critical as well as general audiences everywhere. The director is known for subtly mixing two different kinds of genres in his movies. It’s a choice that some might say is controversial while many others cherish it because of the unexpected narrative that appears in his movies. As his next film, The Little Stranger, releases today, Ambrahamson gave his thoughts on the limited trailers and overall publicity of the film, as well as its late and questionable release date.




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In 2015, Lenny Abrahamson received an Oscar nomination for Best Director. However, The Little Stranger has been put in an odd slot if the director is hoping to be considered for nominations and awards. The film released today on August 31 and it comes after the summer-blockbuster-rush and right before many film festivals begin. This leaves Abrahamson’s adaptation in somewhat of a gap.



Although this might seem like somewhat of a “death slot”, Abrahamson doesn’t seem to be worried at all. In an interview given by The Huffington Post, he answered to a question about this “death slot” with optimism:



“So I’ll tell you what [the studio] would say, because we’ve had these conversations. I think they would say they have had success with films in this very slot, that they’re trying to break away from the gridlock of post-festival awards season, which seems like an artificially crowded time. It’s gotten crazier and crazier. And I buy that because I saw how hard it was with Room. We did get it through, but it was so hard.

I think what they feel is this is a weekend where the film can have something of its own space. If it were me, what I would argue for would be either a small release post-festival or possibly an early 2019 release, just after the madness. So we’ll know in a couple of weeks. But also, a distributor’s idea of what success is and a filmmaker’s idea are different. I want people to appreciate the film that I’ve made, and I want its audience to find it.”




Abrahamson also revealed that he had been wanting to work on The Little Stranger for years. He had loved how the author, Sarah Waters, had created this immersive psychological-thriller. In fact, Sarah Waters even told the director herself just how personally impressed she was with his adaptation. 




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The Little Stranger is set during the 1940s in England. Our protagonist is a doctor named Faraday who has been called to service by a family living in a peculiar 18th century style mansion. Multiple spooky events begin to happen in the house like bells ringing themselves or more unexplained noises and visuals. Faraday soon takes matters into his own hands as he uncovers truths about his past, the mansion, and the family currently residing there. 




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With Domhnall Gleeson playing Faraday and co-stars Ruth Wilson, Charlotte Rampling, and Will Poulter, Abrahamson’s new film already has a strong cast. The movie will be another blend of genres from drama to thriller to supernatural horror.



As stated before, The Little Stranger released just today, so be sure to watch it for yourself. For more on the exclusive interview with Lenny Abrahamson, be sure to check out Huffington Post’s article here. For all of your book news, however, always remember that Bookstr is your number one!





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