Room Author Announces New Book

All eyes are on author Emma Donoghue, now that her novel Room has been adapted into a critically acclaimed movie. But she’s not content on resting on her laurels, as the author has just announced her next novel. The story will be a psychological thriller called The Wonder, and sounds as captivating as the work that made her famous.

The Wonder marks something of a homecoming for Donoghue, as it takes place in her old stomping grounds of rural Ireland. Like Room, the story is about a pair of people who are stricken with great misfortune. One is Anna, an eleven-year old girl who claims she has decided to stop eating but seems to still be healthy. The other is Lib, an English nurse trying to figure out if Anna is telling the truth. 

Donoghue says the drama comes to a head when readers see “a child’s murder threatening to occur in slow motion before our eyes.” Sounds like something not for the faint of heart, but if you could handle Room then this should be right up your alley.  

The novel will hit shelves in 2016. Are you putting in a pre-order?


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