Romance in ‘Harry Potter’

We can all agree that the Harry Potter series contains jaw-dropping fantasy, mystery, and adventure. But when it comes to romance, there’s quite a lot Harry Potter could have done better. Let’s take a deep dive into the different romantic pairings featured in Harry Potter.



It feels most appropriate to start by discussing Harry and Cho’s relationship, as they are the first couple that we encounter in the series. It is interesting to see Harry navigate this strange relationship, as his interactions with Cho are different from his interactions with other characters. Cho is the first character to make him feel awkward and like he is not able to be himself. It is a relationship that is doomed from the start, since Harry is never able to feel truly comfortable around Cho. He’s always afraid of making her upset or is not sure what to say to her. The main issue seems to be that they decided to start dating during a difficult time for both of them – right after the death of Cedric Diggory. They were both still trying to process the trauma that they endured after that event, and it created misunderstandings between the two of them. Harry also idealizes Cho and puts her up on a pedestal, which is the source of his awkwardness around her. It’s not a relationship that could have worked out at that point in time, but it was intriguing to read about it and analyze the psychology behind why the relationship failed.

Next, let’s discuss the main pairing of the series – Harry and Ginny. In some ways, this relationship seems like it was destined to happen. Ginny is always there in the background, since she is Harry’s best friend’s sister. He saves her from death in the second book. She gives him advice in the fifth book. The seeds were planted for her to be someone that Harry would need to take notice of eventually. The thing is, despite all of this, Harry still never acknowledges Ginny’s presence. We barely witness him thinking about her, let alone interacting with her. For this reason, his interest in her in book six seems to come out of nowhere. I both like and dislike his sudden interest in her. I enjoy it because it was unpredictable, but I also feel it could have been set up a little better. For example, the relationship would have seemed more natural if Ginny had been made into a more prominent character somehow – perhaps by spending more time with Harry and his friends when they were at school. Overall, this pairing could have been better executed had Harry and Ginny already been good friends before book six.


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Lastly, my opinion on Ron and Hermione’s relationship might be controversial, depending on who you ask. I prefer them as friends instead of a couple, mainly because of the way Ron treats Hermione throughout the series. Yes, they are loyal friends who always help each other, but their fights and arguments are too frequent and overblown for them to have a healthy relationship (or maybe even a healthy friendship). Ron and Hermione bicker constantly, which is supposed to be a sign of their romantic chemistry. They also have huge falling-outs, during which they refuse to speak to each other, throughout the series. Their personalities seem to clash in the worst way, creating plenty of conflict. They may care about each other, but at the end of the day, is all of that conflict and strife worth it?

Those were my analyses of some of the biggest relationships in Harry Potter. Everyone seems to have strong opinions about the relationships in any fandom, and Harry Potter is certainly not an exception. In any case, no matter what your opinion is, we can all agree that the relationships in Harry Potter are interesting to read about and analyze.


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