Robert Pattinson Is Ready to Play Edward Cullen Again

Weirdly enough, Twilight is reaching it’s ten year anniversary! Feel old yet?



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Robert Pattinson, has recovered from his stint as the number one heart throb on Planet Art, and has been reborn as an acclaimed indie star, helming films like Good Time and, more recently, High Life directed by Claire Denis, which premiered this last weekend at the Toronto Film festival. Garnering positive reviews, Pattinson admits getting the role was not easy.


Before filming, Pattinson admitted he’s quite picky when it comes to the roles he takes, but he wanted High Life, and waited three years to get a meeting with Claire Denise. With every new role he takes on, he likes to try something new and different.



Image via Variety

Variety reports Robert Pattinson feels like “not a day has passed” since he filmed the Twilight franchise, snd he even joked that “the amount of time I’ve spent moisturizing, I am ready to play seventeen at a moment’s notice. Ready!” Who wants a Twilight sequel!?That might take a while but fortunately Twilight will be returning to theaters nationwide October 21st for two days, to celebrate the ten year anniversary! 



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