Riverdale cast

‘Riverdale’s Season 2 Teaser Is Too Much to Handle

There are only two weeks to go before season two of Riverdale premieres and the new trailer has us on the edge of our seats.


Sex, violence, love, and intrigue surround our four heroes in this teaser which manages to squeeze all of these elements into its twenty-nine seconds. Pointed guns, shower sex, motorcycles, emotional group hugs in hospitals, Archie tearfully calling his mom, telling her, ‘We’re in trouble here.’ IT’S ALL TOO MUCH. 



What’s happening Archie? Are you okay? How’s your dad? Jughead where is your helmet? I CANNOT WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR ANSWERS. Please watch the trailer and join me in my agony. 



Destruction of MY NERVES / Via Giphy


Featured Image Via NME