Rijneveld’s ‘The Discomfort of Evening’ Is The Winner Of The 2020 International Booker Prize

This years’ winner of the International Booker Prize.

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The International Booker Prize is awarded annually for a book that is translated into English and published in the UK or Ireland. The work of translators is recognized and celebrated, with the prize money divided between the author and translator. The International Booker Prize winner for this year has been announced. The prestigious award was won by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld for The Discomfort of Evening. It has been translated from Dutch by Michele Hutchison.

The story centres around 10-year-old Jas and her family. On a winter day, her oldest brother joins an ice-skating trip. Resentful about not being permitted to go, she makes a plea to God. Jas wish turns true; her brother never returns. The debut novel is a fascinating case study of grief.


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When The Discomfort of Evening was first published, it quickly sold 55,000 copies in the Netherlands and sparked international attention. The book has received offers to be translated into French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Arabic. With the prize win, more languages will come into play. The prize recognizes the work of the translator. Michele Hutchison translation was praised by the judges.

Valeria Luiselli, one of the judges, stated that “Hutchison was an invisible translator because the reader can barely sense she is there…she left the book intact.”

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