Ride Out Winter with These Dark Reads

From Our Friends at BookSparks

The dark, damp, cold winter days are almost over. What better way to finish off this winter reading season in the darkest way possible – by indulging in an unputdownable thriller sure to send your pulse into an adrenaline frenzy? We scoured the digital shelves for this season’s most shadowy and sadistic reads. Word of caution: bring a blanket; you’ll probably resort to hiding under it with one of these addictive page-turners.

The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

Calling all fans of Girl on the Train: you just met your reading match. Iris and Will have the seemingly perfect marriage – that is, until a Seattle-bound plane crashes into a field. The problem? Will was one of the passengers, and he was supposed to be on a plane to Florida. Determined to solve the dark mysteries her husband kept from her, Iris embarks on a mission to unearth the horrifying truth. The chilling one she discovers could destroy everything she ever knew.


The Girl Before by JP Delaney 

Soon to be a motion picture directed by Ron Howard, there is a reason this dark and twisty reading escape tops the “to read” list for thousands of readers. This extraordinarily chilling psychological thriller centers around two women with two drastically different fates – one of which has devastating consequences. A riddle of darkly unexpected plot twists, The Girl Before is the adrenaline-inducing read everyone should devour this winter.


The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty


We all know celebrities have the filthiest of laundry. Ask newly dumped Anne Morgan, who just became housekeeper to her longtime celebrity idol, Emma Helmsley. Emma has the seemingly perfect and balanced life despite her social status, but it isn’t long before Anne discovers the disturbing secrets that could jeopardize both their lives forever. This nerve-racking literary thriller about the dangers of burying secrets from the public will leave every reader deeply spooked.


The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

If you are fervently anticipating the Beauty and the Beast theatrical release in March (like the rest of the world), this enchantingly spectral read will make the wait substantially less painful. A bewitching literary cocktail of Russian culture, magical fairy tales and captivating characters, The Bear and the Nightingale will steal your heart and attention from the very first sentence. 


The Dry by Jane Harper

Federal Agent, Aaron Falk was once accused of murder, but his dear friend, Luke delivered a fabricated alibi that saved his future. Now Luke is dead, and as Falk arrives in his hometown for the funeral, there is more at play than mourning – terrifyingly foul play. The pulsating, addictive prose delivers an undeniable truth: the smallest of towns often have the darkest of secrets. 


The Girl Without a Name by Sandra Block

If you aren’t already infatuated with Sandra Block’s psychological thriller series centering around troubled psychiatrist Dr. Zoe Goldman and the mysteries surrounding her life, you best catch up immediately. The second installment to this wildly compelling adventure is the most engrossing yet. Our advice: read it on the weekend, otherwise be prepared to most definitely call in sick on Monday. Your addiction can continue in April when the highly anticipated third book – The Secret Room – hits bookshelves.


The Trapped Girl by Robert Dugoni

A woman’s murdered body is discovered tangled in a crab net in chilly Seattle waters… a woman who went to great lengths to conceal her identity. Can Detective Tracy Crosswhite – still haunted by her own sister’s disappearance – overcome her emotions to untangle the horrid mystery surrounding the victim? Or will the woman’s identity sink to the rock bottom of unknown forever?