Rick Riordan Provides Update on Percy Jackson Disney+ TV Series

Thank the gods, we have news Percy Jackson fans! On his website, Rick Riordan gave fans an update on the various projects he’s been working on over the past few months including the Percy Jackson TV series happening on Disney+. While there is still no official “green light” for the series, Riordan says “things are moving along nicely.”

Riordan goes on to say that Disney executives have now read the pilot script and that everyone “likes it.” He confirms that he and his production team have met with studio heads and that they “feel a lot of love and support from Disney…” In his post, Riordan also outlines the next steps of the production process:

Right now, we are starting to plan next steps so we can give our partners at the studio and streaming service a good comprehensive picture of what this show will require. What’s the first season look like? (Hint: It will follow the plot of The Lightning Thief). What will the budget look like? (Hint: Good TV ain’t cheap. Quality-wise, this has to stand toe-to-toe with Disney+ hits like WandaVision and Mandalorian). Who do we have in mind for directors? (Hint: I can’t give you any hints, but we are having conversations about this). Casting? (No, we are still not there yet, but we have begun to talk about how the process will work we do get there).


Image Via Rick Riordan


I know, it’s not exactly the update I’m sure we were all hoping for, but if Uncle Rick is feeling optimistic then we should too! Riordan concludes by thanking fans for their continued passion as it is because of them that Disney understands just how big of a fanbase Percy Jackson has.

To see what else he had to say and for news on his other projects be sure to read his full post here!

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