Rick Riordan Provides an Update on Disney+ Series

Rick Riordan, author of The Lightning Thiefwell known for his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, has recently released an announcement on his personal blog about the new Disney+ adaptation of the Percy Jackson series.

Comicbook.com writer Aaron Perine released an article to inform fans that Riordan had, at this point, confirmed that the Percy Jackson series is in the planning stages, and that a pilot script had been written. Riordan stated that the next step was to meet with Disney+ executives, and from there, in all likelihood, some adjustments would need to be made to the script. He went on to add that those who had read the script loved it–which sounds very promising indeed!

The first season of the new Disney+ series will follow the events of The Lightning Thief–the first book in the Percy Jackson series. This series will mark the second television adaptation of Riordan’s book (there is also a stage musical as well, for those who may be interested), and if all goes well, we might soon see the other four books in the series adapted as well!

featured image via Monmouth University