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‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Dan Harmon Gives Some Kick Ass Writing Advice

Writing can be an easy thing to do for some people. But for the majority of people out there, crafting your own compelling stories is a challenge that may seem like a dead end. So many people everywhere are discouraged from writing their own stories simply because they do not know how to start making their own world with substantial characters readers will care for.



For those of you who find it impossible to write, there is redemption! Dan Harmon has a website dedicated to helping people craft their own story. For those who don’t know, Dan Harmon created Community and Rick and Morty; two shows that if you haven’t checked out yet, you definitely have to. Like right now. Do it. NOW!!!




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On his website, which is FREE to check out by the way, Harmon gives advice on how to outline your entire story. He uses many charts to demonstrate the process and progression of a story-line: from creating your protagonist and molding what, how, and why they will do what you write them to do; to creating a detailed world with flaws that apply to your main character(s)



If you or a friend feel discouraged in their writing, than please check out and/or refer Harmon’s tutorials. This goes to show that writing isn’t hard when you have a solid basis to start off of. Good luck friends, and may you pen your own legacies!





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