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Returning to Wakanda: Marvel Releasing a Killmonger Solo Comic in December

Returning to Wakanda on December 5th, we will be delving into one of Black Panther most skilled and multi-layered characters Killmonger. The vengeful yet captivating character caught the attention of the audience and had them questioning what side they were really on. The excitement from the movie has not died down but have only fueled the need for more stories from the Black Panther series. Marvel has announced that the fatherless boy, the vengeful man, long forgotten by Wakanda, will be getting his own solo comic. The comic, written by Brian Edward Hill and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra, will be a five-part mini-series, going into detail of the tragic life Killmonger. 



Image via IGN

Image Via IGN


The comic will explore how the choices we make can cause a domino effect. It explores the consequences of those choices as well as the failures that follow. When backed into a corner, no more choices and only what is here and now. The book is full of tragic moments, shady people and difficult choices.


The comic seeks to paint a picture of those forgotten by the beautiful and enchanting Wakanda, those who have been tossed to the streets, to fend for themselves. The world has failed him, and everyone like him. Erik Killmonger will be fleshed out in full glory as we are shown a new perspective of Wakanda through the eyes of Killmonger. Be sure to pick up a copy of Killmonger when it is published on December 5th. 






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