Rent Bella Swan’s ‘Twilight’ House for $330 a Night!

You can now rent the actual “Twilight Swan House” on Airbnb, but you better watch out for the cardboard cutouts.

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Great news for vampires: You can now rent Charlie and Bella Swan’s house from The Twilight Saga on Airbnb.

The owners list the residence as the “Twilight Swan House,” a five-bed, 1.5-bath house in Saint Helens, Oregon, just a short drive from Portland, and about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Forks, Washington, where the series technically takes place.


Via Airbnb


Even if the actual house is several hours away from Forks, a spectacularly wooded place with year-round rainy conditions, the owners promise once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities straight from the films in this riverfront family residence.

Visitors will be able to reenact any number of scenes from the first movie, including sleeping in Bella’s bedroom or gazing gloomily from a second-floor window, all with the help of life-sized cardboard cutouts of Bella and Jacob Black scattered like creepy Easter eggs throughout the home. The dining table in the kitchen is the same one that appeared in the film, according to the Airbnb listing.


Via Airbnb


Rentals begin at $330 a night and guests are required to stay for a minimum of two nights, but they do get the entire house to themselves. A quick scan through the comments on the listing reveals guests who reserved the space for purposes ranging from housing a bridal party to hosting family reunions. More than a few of the reviews warn future visitors about the cardboard cutouts, which can be shocking in the middle of the night.

This house only appears in the first Twilight film, according to Insider. For the other films, the production crews actually recreated the facade of the house, with scaled rooms, on a sound stage.

Regardless of individual opinion, the franchise is a mega-hit, and the Twilight Swan House invites fans to take another step toward achieving blissful immortality with loved ones. 




Featured Image Via Airbnb.