Shireen Baratheon

Relive Every Major “Game of Thrones” Death With These Genius Sketches

“Game of Thrones” fans immediately associate the show with a few things in particular: dragons, nudity, and a sprawling cast of characters. And, of course, death. So much death. With all the dying our favorite characters do, it’s easy to lose track. Luckily, YouTuber Hanso Art has put together an illustrated recap of some of the most memorable “Thrones” deaths. Check it out below:



RIP Dorne plot. Seriously, Hanso Art made watching some of these memorable deaths unforgettable. Jon Snow returning with deal-with-it shades?




Returning to some of these deaths is tough, but, hey, it’s “Game of Thrones.” No saying who’s going to be resurrected next…


…resurrected for better or worse. / via GIPHY


Feature image courtesy of The Independent.