Rege-Jean Page Shuts Down ‘James Bond’ Role

The breakout star of Netflix’s new show, Bridgerton, Regé-Jean Page, has been rumored to be the next James Bond. Page, portrays Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings on Bridgerton, and also the duke of everyone’s hearts on and off screen. He has also starred in another ShondaLand production, For the People that aired on ABC, and he also portrayed Chicken George in the Roots miniseries. Now he could possibly be the next James Bond….or not.

Image via Hollywoodlife
According to Page, most British actors are rumored to be the next Bond. Idris Alba and Henry Goulding have also been rumored to Bond as well. Page states that if you’re British and you do something well known then you’re going to get the Bond stamp. That stamp is a high honor, and for this to be his major breakout role, that’s big. Now everyone knows his name and his good looks are something that cannot be ignored. Just watch any of those steamy scenes in Bridgerton or any scene he’s in and you will definitely swoon.
Although the rumors of Page being Bond aren’t true he is  very grateful to his fans for giving him that honor of thinking he could be James Bond. Maybe some time in the future that role will be his, veterans like Idris Alba and Henry Goulding should have the role first, but some time down the road that role will have Page’s name on it. He’s too good to pass up for that role.
In the meantime, you can watch him right here, on Bridgerton.
Featured Image via Variety