Rediscovered J.R.R. Tolkien Story to Be Published

From Harper Lee to Dr. Seuss, this has already been the year of the rediscovered manuscript. Now fantasy fans can get in on the fun, too: a never-before-seen story by J.R.R. Tolkien is slated for publication overseas this fall. The U.S. version will arrive next Spring.

Titled The Story of Kullervo, the unfinished story was written when Tolkien was still a student at Oxford. Tolkien called this new story the “germ” of his attempts at creating “legends” of his own, so it can be seen as an early effort at the sort of broad world-creation that readers find in The Lord of the Rings.

According to the description, the new story will focus on the luckless orphan boy Kullervo and his life as a captive of the dark magician Untamo. Kullervo is an ancestor of Túrin Turambar, one of the main figures in The Silmarillion. As Vulture points out, this means that the new story takes place in the same universe as The Silmarillion and, therefore, the entire Lord of the Rings saga.

The new story will be supplemented with Tolkien’s original draft and supporting non-fiction materials. The international version of the book will be released on October 13, 2015, but the U.S. version won’t come out until next Spring.

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