Hermione and Ron

Rediscover How Freaking Adorable Ron and Hermione Are Together With This Video!


Whether you’re a big fan of Hermione and Ron’s romance, or you’re more like J. K. Rowling and aren’t, it’s still interesting to look back on things. We all compulsively dissect our romantic relationships in retrospect. Why not retrospectively dissect book relationships as well?


Luckily, someone has done the courtesy of compiling the evolution of Hermione and Ron’s romance in the Harry Potter movies. Although they didn’t always get along, it’s the good things that stand out. Check it out for yourself below:



The best thing about reminiscing about a fictional romance is it doesn’t keep you up at night when you’re alone in your bed trying to fall asleep, but can’t, so you get insomnia and it affects your professional life. Just another reason why life would be better if we lived in the wizarding world.

Featured Image Via Pottermore