Red, White & Royal Blue: 8 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Read This Book

Happy Pride Month! There are so many books to look forward to this month and among them is Casey McQuiston’s latest release One Last Stop! To celebrate this June book birthday, let’s take a look back to McQuiston’s debut contemporary romance novel, Red, White & Royal Blue, and remember some of its best, most heartwarming quotes!





With his mother, U.S President Ellen Claremont, running for re-election, Alex Claremont-Diaz jeopardizes her electoral campaign when tabloids leak photos of him in a heated confrontation with Henry, the Prince of England. In an attempt to do damage control and salvage the American/British international relations, staging a friendship between the two young men becomes the only solution. 

And so begins a fake friendship on which the future of two nations depends. Little does Alex know that Prince Henry, his arch-nemesis, will become the only thing he can’t give up. Soon, Alex and Henry dive head-first into an intoxicating romance that can never see the light of day. Is their love worth the sacrifice of a lifetime?





Red, White & Royal Blue is a beautiful story that everyone with a beating heart should read. 

This book offers a mirror image of the world we live in. It takes everything that is wrong with our society and makes it right. It does so with a moving story, endearing characters, and witty, hilarious dialogue. If sunshine had a tangible form, I believe it would be this book.

Red, White & Royal Blue is a book about love. It’s about family, politics, society, representation, and the fight for who you love and what you stand for. 

And I wish—I hope—that history will remember this book. 

Because I certainly will. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most touching and inspiring Red, White & Royal Blue quotes!


  • “To every person in search of somewhere to belong who happened to pick up this book, I hope you found a place in here, even if just for a few pages. You are loved. I wrote this for you. Keep fighting, keep making history, keep looking after one another.” 


  • “I am the First Son of the United States, and I’m bisexual. History will remember us.” 


  • “But the truth is, also, simply this: love is indomitable.” 





  • “In an hour, every person in America will be able to look at a screen and see their First Son and his boyfriend. And, across the Atlantic, almost as many will look up over a beer at a pub or dinner with their family or a quiet night in and see their youngest prince, the most beautiful one, Prince Charming. This is it. October 2, 2020, and the whole world watched, and history remembered.” 


  • The way Henry’s looking at him in the picture is so affectionate, so openly loving, that seeing it from a third person perspective almost makes Alex want to look away, like he’s staring into the sun. He called Henry the North Star once. That wasn’t bright enough.” 


  • “He kisses Henry until it feels like he can’t breathe, until it feels like he’s going to forget both of their names and titles, until they’re only two people tangled up in a dark room making a brilliant, epic, unstoppable mistake.” 


  • “Bisexuality is truly a rich and complex tapestry.” 


  • “When Alex was a kid, before anyone knew his name, he dreamed of love like it was a fairy tale, as if it would come sweeping into his life on the back of a dragon one day. When he got older, he learned about love as a strange thing that could fall apart no matter how badly you wanted it, a choice you make anyway. He never imagined it’d turn out he was right both times.” 

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