Recipe for a YA Fantasy Boyfriend

If you’re sick of making quarantine sourdough, maybe try your hand at a YA boyfriend instead with this foolproof recipe.

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There are so many things I love about YA fantasy boyfriends. They’re brutal and tough, but never to you. They’re otherworldly handsome, and only you’ve caught their eye. And their one facial expression of twinkling eyes and an irritating but charming smirk is not easy to resist. Unfortunately, they only live in the pages of a book. However, I say: Why not make them from scratch at home? There will be no more nights of loneliness and finally you can indulge your inner love-struck teen.




  • Sky blue orbs. Not eyes. Orbs.
  • Tall
  • Diamond-cut cheekbones. Sharp enough to cut glass
  • Raven black hair.
  • Powerful, magical and/or athletic abilities
  • Tragic past
  • One or two dead parents




  1. Have a bunch of coincidental meetups.
  2. Have a quip-filled conversation.
  3. Have all of your interactions with him be nothing but quips or declarations of anguish/love.
  4. Build belligerent sexual tension.
  5. Work together to overthrow an authoritarian government and/or go find the Chosen One  (*That’s You*)
  6. Break down his snarky barriers.
  7. Find out you are mates/have a soul bond.
  8. Kiss after an escalating argument.
  9. Write a book.
  10. Title it, “The Noun of Nouns.” (fill in at will)
  11. Profit.
Feature Image via Rhett Wesley