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Realistic Disney Princesses Highlight World Issues


We often visualize Disney Princesses as sweet and innocent, but what would they look like if faced with some of the problems that face our world today? 


Shannon Dermody, a photographer from upstate New York, released a photo series that has garnered a lot of attention. Dermody’s photos were a part of a school project, but once she posted them on Facebook, they went viral. 


Dermody told HuffPost, “People need to realize this is happening in the world,” Dermody said. “Even if it doesn’t affect you.” She also said that she used Disney Princesses “to show that these can happen to anyone.”


Take a look:



snow white


Sex Trafficking 



Domestic Violence






By using wildly popular, wholesome princesses to portray unsettling issues throughout the world, Dermody highlights that we cannot overlook such problems, even though it is much easier to do so. To see more of Dermody’s photos, click here



Featured image courtesy of Shannon Dermody