Real-Life ‘Despereaux’ Rat Stuns at Buffalo Wild Wings

A rat fell from the ceiling onto a lunch table at an LA Buffalo Wild Wings. IS this a modern-day Tale of Despereaux?

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An actual rat fell onto a lunch table at a Los Angeles Buffalo Wild Wings, NBC reported yesterday. An article from The Cut likened the incident to Pixar’s Ratatouille, where Remy often showed up unannounced to every human’s surprise, but the situation at Buffalo Wild Wings actually bore a shocking resemblance to a major scene in The Tale of Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo.

Despereaux is a classic children’s book about a mouse who falls in love with a princess and swears to protect her from evil forces, like a rat named Roscuro who lives in the dungeon of the princess’s castle, and who attempts to kidnap her out of revenge.




Roscuro was always considered a strange rat by his peers because he loved the light, whereas rats are supposed to like living in cold and wet places. One day, enticed by the sounds and smells of a meal, Roscuro clambers onto a chandelier overlooking the queen’s seat at the table. When Roscuro’s position is discovered, however, he slips from the light and falls into the queen’s soup. The queen suffers a heart attack and dies; the heartbroken king later bans soup, soup paraphernalia, and, most importantly, rats from the kingdom.



The rat at Buffalo Wild Wings did not incur kingdom-wide policy change, but the manager was pretty embarrassed about the whole ordeal. Alisha Norman had been perusing the BWW menu when she heard something overhead that “hit [her table] like a Mack truck,” but she seemed to handle the situation in a calm and collected way. Later, after the rat had been removed from the restaurant, the manager covered the cost of her lunch.

Luckily for him, Norman was far more forgiving than the fictional king and queen of Despereaux.



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