‘Ready Player Two’ to Debut This November

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline took bookstores by storm following its 2011 release. Its sequel, Ready Player Two, is likely to achieve the same after much anticipation from fans.

The original New York Times bestseller tells the story of Wade Watts, a teenager in the dystopian year of 2045, as he searches for an Easter egg throughout a virtual game. If he is to find the egg, he will receive the creator’s fortune. A heavy focus on 80s pop culture lends itself to the mystery, enticing readers across all generations.

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In March of 2018, a film adaptation of the novel (directed by Steven Spielberg) hit theaters, grossing $582.8 million around the world and ranking as Spielberg’s most lucrative film since the 2008 debut of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

During an interview of the same year, Cline stated that Ready Player Two would closely follow the first installment of the novel rather than its adaptation.

To see Steven visualize the first story, it’s been really inspiring for me [to] revisit that world, but I’m trying to write a sequel to the book and not to the movie, because the movie has changed things. So, it’s tricky, keeping two different versions of the story in my head.

In the past, Cline has also hinted at a possible third installment of the Ready Player One series.

I had actually mapped out, with outlines, what I thought Parts 2 and 3 would be. When I first wrote Ready Player One and I registered the domain name online, I also registered Ready Player Two and Ready Player Three because I knew that someday I might want to tell more stories.

Are you ready, players? Ready Player Two is set to debut on November 24th!

Featured image via The Hollywood Reporter