Ready for Comic Con’s Book Events?

If you happen to be in sunny San Diego and catch your commute packed with the Suicide Squad, the Justice League and a gaggle of Wonder Women– don’t be alarmed, no one laced your morning coffee. It’s just the annual comic-con sweeping through the coastal town. Beginning yesterday and running through Sunday, Comic Con will be bringing you the latest instalment from the world of comics, fandom, and illustrators still living with mom. Courtesy of comic-con, we’re giving you the streamlined book lover’s guide, full of lit events, viewings, tutorials and more. So grab your planner and your tin Marvel lunch box, we’re going to Comic Con!


Top Shelf Showing

Excerpt from March (image courtesy of Top Shelf Comics)


Check out the latest from indie publisher, Top Shelf. The newest read on display is John Lewis’s graphic memoir March, a chronicle of the Civil Rights Movement. You’ll find Lewis and co-author Andrew Aydin as well as Nate Powell stationed at the site, ready to sign copies and speak in a panel on Saturday


Angel Catbird and Atwood


By now we’re sure you’ve heard the news that Atwood has a debut graphic novel with illustrations by Johnny Christmas titled Angel Catbird. Don’t miss the curiously monotone Atwood discussing her book and its focus on a part cat, part owl, part human, all identity crisis character. The author has been seen gearing up for the weekend, donning her cat ears in anticipation.


Sneak Peak The Secret Loves of Geek Girls


Edited by Hope Nicholson and published under Dark Horses, this anthology relays a set of stories about dating  and diversity. Hitting a shelf near you in the fall, you can get an early exclusive look at the essays and a chance to meet some of the contributing writers, including Atwood, Mariko Tamaki, Meags Fitzgerald, and Adrienne Kress.


Real Deal Comix Reveal


Real Deal is the uber-violent self-published creation of authors/illustrators Lawrence Hubbard and H.P. McElwee. Inspired by magazines like MAD and featured in prior collaborations with Stussy and the likes, the series features a streetwise criminal and his gang of misfits, going about average activities (grocery store, walking down the street) and suddenly finding themselves entrenched in bouts of extreme chaos and violence.  


Super Weird Heroes Debut


Catch Jerry Siegel’s 600-page colored collection of odd superheroes from the ‘40’s, courtesy of IDW. It’s “more super powered weirdness than anyone could want,” according to Publlisher’s Weekly.


Your Digital Dose

Image courtesy of makemefeed

Google Books is capitalizing on the rowdy crowd of geeks and bibliophiles to launch an updated version of the app. The update includes Bubble Zoom, a feature that allows you to enlarge comic book speech bubbles for reading ease.


Art and Film


Last but not least, don’t miss Abrams ComicArts presentation of Trashed, Derf Backderf’s critically acclaimed story of a trash man.  The reveal will parallel a viewing of the film Trash, a documentary on trash disposal around the globe by Bradley Jay Klan.

For a full list of exhibits, programs, and guest speakers, Comic Con’s site is just a hop, a jump and a skip (in no particular order) away. Enjoy the festivities! 


Featured image courtesy of MountianX.