Reading Rainbow Host Reads To Get Us Through COVID-19

Happy National Find A Rainbow day!! And what better way to celebrate than by looking for rainbows through your window and listening to the rainbow legend himself LeVar Burton read to you.


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Starting today, the former host of “Reading Rainbow” will be livestreaming himself reading from various genres and authors.



This event will kick off a stream of livestreams in which he reads different genres for a targeted audience. On Mondays, he will read children books at 12 PM ET/6pm PT, and on Wednesdays at 6 PM ET/3 PM PT, he will read to young adults, and Fridays are for adults only at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.

For the livestream today, he will be reading selections from Neil Gaiman’s collection of works. For all young adults and adults out there like me, I highly recommend you tune in because I definitely will be.


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Since all of us who can and have the opportunity to social distance and stay at home because of COVID-19/Coronavirus/Ms. Rona, these events should be ones to remember. Getting involved in the livestreams are perfect if you’re learning how to homeschool your kids for the first time or if your kids are getting on your nerves a little bit too much, turn it on and go have quality ‘you’ time.



These events are also good if you are already a big fan of audiobooks and if you just want to hear a voice from your childhood. Seriously, that’s me with Tim Curry all day! I could listen to him narrate A Series of Unfortunate Events for literally ever.

Stay safe, wash your hands and take care out there, from our families to yours!


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