“Reading Rainbow’ Hero to Read to us Live

Star of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: Next Generation, and host of hit podcast ‘LeVar Burton Reads’, LeVar Burton, is hoping to livestream his readings to ease and entertain the minds of many.

In his podcast, Burton “invites you to take a break from your daily life, and dive into a great story”, as he reads some of the best short fiction. ‘LeVar Burton Reads’ has a 5.0 star rating on Apple Podcasts, with over 10k reviews. One listener even stipulating that Burton’s podcast is “perfect to listen to during this crazy time in the world.”


Now, LeVar hopes to livestream his reads to the masses, as a way to distract and soothe anybody who may be distressed or anxious during this COVID-19 apocalypse *ahem* I mean, crisis. The main problem that Burton faces is acquiring short fiction for free, within copyright restrictions. In a heartwarming turn of events, and show of creative unity, author Neil Gaiman offered up his oeuvre to the actor and reader.

Gaiman was not alone in this offer, as many more jumped in to provide LeVar with the means, and creative license, to fulfill his wish of a livestream version of his popular podcast. HarperCollins offered LeVar access to their Children’s titles until the end of May, and those involved in organisations and genre groups have suggested their writers may also comply. Beyond the big names and the big five, independent writers have offered up their own work free-of-charge, and many fans have shared little-known free works such as many classic novels.

The community has truly come together to help with his project, and with any luck, LeVar’s livestreams will be available in the coming weeks.

feature image via wework

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