Harry Potter

Reading Harry Potter Makes You a Nicer Person, Says Science

A study has found that being a Harry Potter fan can make you a nicer person. The Greatest Magic of Harry Potter: Reducing Prejudice was published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology in 2014, and it investigates “whether the novels of Harry Potter can be used as a tool for improving attitudes toward stigmatized groups,” as all seven books “address important social, cultural, and psychological issues.”


Researchers found that “reading Harry Potter may effectively help in reducing prejudice” and suggested that the books give readers “an enhanced ability to understand disadvantaged groups,” as they “may have learnt to take the perspective of discriminated group members.”


Even more impressive, the study found that reading the books “improved attitudes toward homosexuals among a sample of high school students.” Considering the series is big on promoting tolerance, I’m not surprised. 


The study even explains the post-Goblet of Fire angst seen in Harry, concluding that “very positive characters like Harry Potter hide obscure traits and tendencies, with the underlying but key message being that positive and negative aspects of the self coexist in people.”


As if we didn’t have enough excuses to binge-read Harry Potter.




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