Reading Books Online and the Power of Social Networking

The world of reading books is rapidly evolving—like so many aspects of life, technology is changing the way many people read. Online books are readily available these days, with more and more of them being added to virtual bookstores and libraries every day. Lots of sites provide a wide selection of free reading material—many timeless classics such as “Pride and Prejudice” are available through no-cost reading sites. Social reading sites have also made it a lot cooler for young people to get into reading—where information on the latest books and authors spreads like a wildfire. Social Reading Sites Many online books are being discovered through social networking sites that are dedicated to readers; people with similar reading tastes can become “friends” online and discover new authors they might not have otherwise heard of. Many excellent reads can be found simply by reaching out to like-minded bookworms on sites such as Goodreads. Technology’s Impact on Reading Technology seems to be tapping into every potential industry. In regards to reading online books, this should be considered a good thing. With the Internet operating in the vast majority of American homes, illiteracy can quickly become a thing of the past. Those who do not have Web access in their homes, can go to their local library and use it for free. The Information Age is in full swing—ignorance can no longer be an excuse, and all that’s left is laziness. No doubt that Malcolm X, a primarily self-educated man, would have given his left hand for the kind of access to knowledge that is so readily available today. With tools like Kindle or iPad, you can take hundreds of online books with you anywhere you go.