Close up of a Goosebumps cover

Readers Beware: R. L. Stine has A NEW SERIES!

R. L. Stine shaped (or, let’s be honest, scarred) most of our childhoods with his 130 Goosebumps books. He chose the right place, then, when he chose to announce his new Goosebumps series at Comic Con, in front of people dressed as monsters and other cosplayed supernatural beings. That series: a comic series with Marvel called “Man-Thing.”


Marvel first debuted “Man-Thing” in 1971. Stine will change the monster that was once speechless to finally be able to vocalize. The new comic is inspired by a 1950 comic series called “Tales from the Crypt.” In an interview with New York Times, Stine says, “My first ambition was to be a comic book artist.” He hopes to make the character creepy but still humorous and sarcastic at the same time.


Jack Black and R. L. Stine smiling together.


While attending Comic Con in San Diego, he received the Inkpot Award that celebrates contributions to the world of comics, fantasy, and sci-fi. This award is prestigious and has previously been awarded to George Lucas, Neil Gaiman, and Steven Spielberg.


Stine didn’t always want to write for young readers, however. He didn’t initially want to write children’s books but changed his mind once he thought of the name “Goosebumps” for his books.


Cover of One Day at Horrorland by R. L. Stine.


The next movie stars Jack Black as Stine with supporting character “Slappy the Dummy.” The film is set to be released in September of 2018 and will be called “Horrorland.” Stine himself gave praise for the new movie on twitter. Many speculate that the film is based on the 16th book in the series called “One Day at Horrorland.”


Featured image courtesy of Scholastic