Read George R.R. Martins Teen Fan-Letter to Marvel

Ever wonder what a 16 year-old George R.R. Martin was like? Consider your wish granted and the internet the gift that keeps on giving. From the archives of George R.R. Martin novels, fandom, and frantic retweets emerges a gem from the past: a fan letter from the author to Marvel’s Stan Lee, sharing his critique on the 1964 issue of Marvel’s Fantastic Four. The snippet, resplendent with more than one outdated reference, a few “chaps” and just the right amount of “ho-hums” is featured in full below.


Images courtesy of The Guardian


Whether you’re a die hard Game of Thrones fan or still suffering a crippling bout of bandwagon-phobia, there really is something for everyone in this letter. If you’re not struck by the Jersey native’s word choice, plucked straight from the Middle Ages, then you have to at least applaud him for his Marvel devotion and attention to plot discord.

Following Martin’s careful explanation of his take on the ’64 issue, Lee’s response to the author was rather disappointing:

“Wow! Aren’t our faces red! You want the truth, Georgie? We just plain FORGOT where we left the Red Ghost, and didn’t have time to look the issue up because the printer was breathing down our necks with our deadline!”

It must have been a disheartening blow for a young Martin to see Marvel’s creative enthusiasm undermined by misplaced manuscripts and deadlines, but it surely didn’t curb his admiration for Lee, who to this day remains the single most influential writer in Martin’s career. The author has praised the always changing nature of Marvel’s characters and fluctuating animosities between rival forces. His commentary on DC comics, however, are a bit more biting. Although we have yet to uncover any long lost scathing letters to the Marvel competitor, we can only hope they’re filled with more ho-hums and Middle English jargon.

Featured image courtesy of TV Guide.