Rare Sylvia Plath Proofs Up for Auction

A new, very rare, previously unpublished set of Sylvia Plath proofs are available for auction for the first time. The manuscripts are from Plath’s 1962 collection entitled The Colossus. Plath submitted the collection to New Directions in 1960, but it was rejected. Now, the manuscripts and correspondences with New Directions director James Laughlin will be up for auction beginning September 30th, at Freeman’s Auction in Philadelphia, starting at 1,000-1,500 dollars.

When it was eventually published, The Colossus failed to reach the same stature as The Bell Jar and the posthumous, Ariel. If you scroll through the images of the papers, you can make out a note from James Laughlin reading simply, “It’s not for us, I’d say”

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Sylvia Plath was widely considered a seminal modern poet, and a pioneer of confessional poetry, though she did not live to see her work cement itself in such a way. She took her own life in 1963. 

Plath will continue to be lauded for her achievements, in the upcoming adaptation of The Bell Jar, starring Dakota Fanning and directed by Kirsten Dunst. 


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