Ranking the Most Audiobook Obsessed Cities

Nothing can take the place of a worn paperback, but audiobooks come pretty close. Their easy, accessible, and you can use them to drown out the sounds of other humans beings. There’s also an insanely huge menu to pick from. Whether it’s an obscure sci-fi title or a bookshelf staple, it’s all at your fingertips – so it’s not surprising cities go gaga for them. Some cities have gone off the audio deep-end, but others could definitely be listening to more according to Scribd, who recently took a survey of readers’ listening habits across the U.S.

To better understand the audiobook obsession (and resurgence in 2016) Scribd spent two months analyzing roughly 3.9 million hours of listening behavior. Mapping behavioural trends to location, they were able to see which cities were tuning in the most and which were listening the least. Here were the results:

Highest state listening rates – Idaho, Utah and Maine.

Lowest state listening rates – New York, Connecticut and New Jersey

Highest listening rates by city – Salt Lake City, Minneapolis (MN), Charlotte (NC), Sacramento (CA), Omaha (N)

Lowest listening rates by city – Madison (WC), Brooklyn (NY), Pittsburgh (PA), Buffalo (NY) and Arlington (TX)

Most popular devices – More than half listen on iOS, roughly a quarter on Android

Most popular genres – Fiction & Literature, Mystery, Thriller

Image courtesy of Scribd.


Where does your state lie in the ranks?


Featured image courtesy of NPR.