Rainbow Rowell to Debut Her Graphic Novel ‘Pumpkinheads’!

Sometimes she writes for adults and sometimes she writes for teenagers, but Rainbow Rowell has been capturing the spotlight with works like Carry On, Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Attachments for some years now, and that’s not all. Just in time for fall, Rainbow Rowell is prepping for the release of her new graphic novel, Pumpkinheads! 


Pumpkinheads is about two high school co-workers, Deja and Josiah, who work together every fall season at the local pumpkin patch, it’s their senior year and soon they will have to say their final goodbyes. However, instead of just letting their last season just wash over them like regular, Deja is determined to make it the best memories they’ve had and also help Josiah finally speaking to the girl he’s been having a crush on. Through their interactions together, we can only hope that we will see the beginning of their relationship and the development of what is now. 



Image Via Entertainment Weekly

Image Via Entertainment Weekly



Collaborating with Rainbow Rowell, Faith Erin Hicks, an illustrator and author of The Adventure of Superhero Girl, is looking forward to bringing Rainbow Rowell’s story to life. Both women have experience working in comics, working on things such as The Runaways and The Last of Us, the two have come together to create this fun romance comedy!


The cover page of the upcoming depicts the two friends and coworkers laying beside one another as they are illuminated by the formatting and lettering. Pumpkinheads will sure to be just enticing and fun to read like all of Rowell’s other work and we look forward to its release date.



Image via Fierce Reads

Image Via Fierce Reads 


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