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Raiders of the ‘Lost’ Words: Researchers Uncover 30 Lost Words

We all know that some words we make up on the fly are complete rubbish… Even if it sounds good to us.


However, these old words uncovered by scholars and linguists kind of make our jumbled letters sound pretty legitimate.


Researchers and university staff have taken three months trawling through countless old books and dictionaries to pull together a list of thirty elusive words from the English language that we could use everyday. 


Old Books

Image Via Markus Clemens on Unsplash


Dominic Watt, a senior linguistics lecturer at the University of York, told the BBC that he is is hoping everyone could use these terms and incorporate them into the everyday lexicon. He said


We’ve identified lost words that are both interesting and thought-provoking, in the hope of helping people re-engage with language of old,” he explained. They’re divided into three groups: post-truth; appearance, personality and behavior; and emotions. But how could we possibly use these words on a regular basis? 


Has anyone ever called you snout-fair (handsome)? Are you someone’s dowsabel (lady-love)?


Other words include: peacockize, nickum, rouzy-bouzy, slug-a bed…


Wait…what? / Image Via Giphy


Are they starting to make sense or is it just me? Check out BBC for more of these audibly pleasing words and their meaning!



Feature Image Via Mark Rasmuson on Unsplash