R.L. Stine Pokes Fun at His Goosebumps Series

R.L. Stine is eponymous with children’s horror. The man practically owns the genre. His series of kids’ scary stories, Goosebumps, has over 100 entries and has sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide.

In his above collaboration with Funny or Die, it’s great to see all the success hasn’t affected his sense of humor. In this hilarious parody, Mr. Stine lists off a group of “rejected stories”, that his publishers were unwilling to circulate. After only a few of these gut-busting hypotheticals, it’s easy to see why any publisher would be apprehensive. The contrast between the deadpan delivery of a famed children’s author, and the hilariously risque titles hits every comedic note with ease. Check it out for some good, post-Halloween laughs.



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