Quibi to Release ‘Princess Bride’ Remake

The beloved cult classic will get a star-studded, episodic, DIY remake.

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As you wish. After nearly 33 years since the original, the short form mobile video platform will release a parody of the beloved film with more celebrities than you can shake a stick at.

Jason Reitman, the director of this project, saw this as a way to raise money for World Central Kitchen, and with Quibi CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s donation of a million dollars and permission to use ‘The Princess Bride’ rights, he was able to achieve it.

The way that it will work is that the actors will shoot from home on their phones in a DIY fashion, with Quibi releasing two chapters at a time.


The actors got to show their creative sides in making the world of Florin, including making Sophie Turner’s corgi a ROUS. (Rodent of Unusual Size)

Multiple actors will be playing the roles, including Chris Pine, Neil Patrick Harris, and Sophie Turner as Westley, and Tiffany Haddish, Jennifer Garner, and Joe Jonas as Princess Buttercup.

Actors like Diego Luna and Pedro Pascal will play Inigo Montoya, so if that isn’t pitch perfect casting, I don’t know what is.

Have fun storming the internet!

Featured Image via Quibi