Questions for Jane Austen

We recently asked you what questions you would ask Jane Austen if she were still around! Here’s how some of you responded. Thank you for all of your questions! We wish Jane Austen was here to answer them, and we certainly think she would have enjoyed it.


“What books do you read? What made you write about ordinary people?”

-Crystal T.


“All your lead characters are beautiful and strong women. What is your idea of a perfect woman in real life? What qualities, virtues and talents must she possess to be the perfect woman in today’s world?”

-Dharmi D.


“How hard was it to be in love but not follow your heart and still write about it?!”

-Josephine D.


“What do you think of the heights you have reached and the liberties people take in your name?”

-Karana A.


“If we assume a time and place where women can take on almost any job or profession and needn’t rely on men for financial support, how would the plots and themes of a novel with that setting differ from what you’ve already written?”

-Karen W.


“What comes next for Darcy and Elizabeth?”

-Amy M.

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