Quentin Tarantino’s Films as Pulp-Inspired Book Covers

The notoriously gory director Quentin Tarantino is quite the reader. He has perpetually admitted that he’s a fiend for boiler-room crime dramas; cheap paperbacks where unscrupulous crews of shady men dodge cops, get dames, and pull all kinds of illegal stunts. Okay, so it’s not Pynchon, but his attention to detail in movies like Pulp Fiction elevates those images and aesthetics from dimestore-fiction to a fine craft. In honor of his work, the internet has taken to its most beloved pastimes: reimagining pop-culture through a different artistic lens. 

Paris-based artist David Redon crafted eight Tarantino-inspired book covers to look exactly like the spectacular paperbacks that inspired the director.

As you might’ve already noticed, each of these seems slightly off from what you remember. Wasn’t Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill jumpsuit yellow? Did John Travolta ever wear a cabana hat like that? Why is there a bikini-clad lady on the cover of Death Proof? That might be because Redon is taking cues from how these pulp novels actually came together. Most of the time, the writing and cover-art were done independently from one another, leading to the slight inconsistencies you may have picked up on.


Featured images courtesy of David Redon.