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Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk is Here to Help You Style Your Bookshelf

Queer Eye’s resident designer and home makeover extraordinare is here to help you style your bookshelf! In his latest episode of Make it Werk with Berk, Bobby shows you how to style a Fab Five worthy bookshelf. He discusses how to take an empty bookshelf from drab to fab with not only books, but fun elements like plants, glass bottles, and more! Below we break down some of Bobby’s tips to curate a fabulous bookshelf!



Bobby, or Professor Berk’s, first tip to transform your bookshelf is to add books both vertically and horizontally on opposite sides of your bookshelf for some variety! Horizontal books also make the perfect stand to showcase any special items or fun knick knacks. Bobby’s second tip is to fill in any gaps with photos and art pieces to add even more variety and pizzazz to your shelf. Bobby recommends “corralling your collections” by placing similar items together to create interest. Lastly, Bobby suggests bringing in the unexpected by adding elements such as candles, fixtures, and organic elements to make a statement on your shelf.



And there you have it – Bobby Berk’s own recommendations for creating a stylish and curated bookshelf. Maybe next, he can share some tips for those of us with shelves overflowing with books!



Featured Image via Literary Hub