‘Queen Girls’ Turns True Stories into Fairy Tales

A Kickstarter campaign has been started to produce a series of books that take real life stories of women and re-imagine them as fairy tales. The creators of the books have expressed that often, women and girls are portrayed in stereotypical roles in books, instead of being able to think outside of the box. 

Image courtesy of Kickstarter

They have exceeded their $8,000 goal, but are still accepting contributions to produce more books. Their first project will feature Bessie Coleman who was the first African-American women in the world to receive her pilot’s license. 

Images courtesy of Kickstarter 

According to Bustle, two other books are in the works: 

“Isadora, the Rebel Queen tackles the story of Duncan, an American dancer who pioneered natural movement techniques over the rigidity of ballet. Duncan danced in an iconic, Greek-inspired tunic and bare feet, her costuming in stark contrast to the corsets and pointe slippers worn by ballerinas.

Savi, Queen of Education will explore Phule’s life and work. Born in India in 1831, Phule conducted massive social reforms in her community by helping to improve the lives of widowed child brides, unmarried pregnant women, and rape victims. Her best known work was the establishment of India’s first school for women at Bhide Wadai in Pune, where she became her country’s first female teacher.”

If you donate $15 plus shipping (US shipping is $3), you will receive a hard copy of the book by March as the reward. The books will be available in both English and Spanish! Donate here and check out the Queen Girls Twitter here



Featured image courtesy of Bustle