Purdue Librarian Starts a Subscription Box for Black Literature

Connecting readers with new books is the job of a librarian. They are surrounded by books and have the keen ability to spread reading love. A library offers new discoveries at the fingertips of readers, prompting a wonderful idea: Jamillah Gabriel decided to share books that don’t typically get noticed. 

Image courtesy of JCOnline 

Gabriel is a Purdue Black Cultural Center librarian. She’s launching a monthly subscription book box featuring Black authors. She told JCOnline, “The motivation is to promote black literature. The publishing industry is not diverse. There are not that many writers of color and the ones that they are published don’t get the press white authors do.”

Gabriel’s book box is called ‘Call Number’ and she’s looking to highlight lesser known black authors, without revealing names, and including “charms, bookmarks, journals and other items”, which will arrive with the books each month.

Gabriel also said, “It can be difficult to find writers of color if you are looking for that. Beyond the most popular ones you have to work to find writers of color. … The book will come to you, a new writer will come to you without you having to dig and search. I do the work.” 

CrateJoy has introduced Gabriel’s idea through their site! Get ready and when it’s available later this month, make sure to order!  



Featured image courtesy of CrateJoy.