Publishing Ireland Pledges Support of UK Publishing

After last week’s Brexit vote vaulted the state of the United Kingdom into uncertain territory, members of the publishing industry the world over were forced to consider how – and to what extent – books would be affected. What comes next are individual negotiations between UK and EU publishers, which many people are fearing might lose the UK its competitive edge on U.S. editions. However, yesterday (June 27th), Publishing Ireland, representing the industry there, issued a press release pledging its support to the UK’s publishing industry: 

“Both countries have many common ground issues and as such, we will continue to work with our neighbour on trade concerns such as copyright and the publishing value chain…As its closest neighbour, we believe that now is time for continued dialogue and for our EU partners to reaffirm its commitment to what has always been a productive trade relationship with the UK.”

While this is simply a statement of faith and a promise to act in kind when trade negotiations begin, it is an encouraging vote of confidence for the publishing industry. However you view this political decision, it is comforting to see other nations committed to not letting the UK’s book market go under.