Public Library Temporarily Closes After Reptile Invasion

If you have, Ophidiophobia, otherwise known as the fear of snakes, you may want to avoid visiting the Georgetown library, at least temporarily.


According to The Washington Post, Georgetown Library temporarily closed last Saturday after an unwelcome reptile invasion. The invasion was discovered when one employee found a live snake in the library, captured it, and released it outside. A few hours later, another employee found two more snakes in the basement of the building. With this newfound discovery, pest control was called and the library closed early.   


The library remained closed throughout the weekend as pest control sprayed snake repellent around the premises and sealed off any openings in the building. According to The Washington Post, exterminators didn’t find any more live snakes, however they did find one dead snake.




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The snakes were believed to be garter snakes, harmless snakes that on average range between 23 and 30 inches but can grow as long as 5 feet.


George Williams, Georgetown Library Media Relations Manager,  told The Washington Post that the event was unprecedented. 


“I’ve been here 10 years, and this is the first time that I’ve heard of snakes entering the building,” Williams said.


Georgetown Library re-opened on Tuesday. While reptile invasions in libraries may not be too common, library goers may want to keep an eye out. 



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Featured Image Via Unsplash/ David Clode