Attenborough  Filming for Zoo Quest

Professional Animal Chaser Sir David Attenborough Has Something in Store for Us This May

Beauty,  biodiversity and of course the journey of a lifetime is what can be expected from David Attenborough’s new memoir, titled Adventures of A Young Naturalist: The Zoo Quest Expeditions. The book will be released in May 2018.


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It will be the combination of three books written in the 1950s to accompany the BBC TV series Zoo Quest, which are now being reissued after sixty years.


If you are not familiar with Zoo Quest, basically, in 1954 Attenborough was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to go travelling everywhere and anywhere from where he could bring back rare and exotic animals for the London Zoo’s collection. In the end he brought back Komodo Dragons from Indonesia, Armadillos from Paraquay and giant anteaters from Guyana.


Here is a historic pic of David chasing after a giant ant eater;


Attenborough chasing a giant ant eater

Image Via the BBC


People wonder about this guy: how did he manage to earn himself what seems to be the coolest job on earth? In an interview with Two Roads Books, Attenborough describes his journey, explaining that  he did his undergraduate degree in Zoology and Natural Sciences, and followed this with two years serving in the navy, from which he came home feeling like a well-traveled and experienced “adult” and did not use his army grant to study again academically after the war. Instead, after a stint in publishing, Attenborough started his long and fruitful career with the BBC. Today he has written, directed, narrated and produced a multitude of inspiring and groundbreaking books and documentaries about the natural world.


David Attenborough

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This invaluable record of his first three journeys is sure to be a sensational story, with Attenborough and his film crew coming up against forces of nature such as perilous landscapes and unpredictable weather, all in the name of protecting the natural world around us and making us fall in love with species of all kinds. This is not hard to do with this man’s trademark wit and charm narrating and interacting with the wildlife every step of the way.


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