‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ Style Escape Room Comes to Pennsylvania

Wands at the ready. You have one hour to escape Azkaban — err, rather, a Prisoner of Azkaban-inspired escape room in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Groups of eight participants will be given the chance to see if they can escape the infamous dark prison, like Sirius Black once did. Except, of course, they have much less time.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

The game’s story is that participants have been tricked by dark wizards and forced to take their spots in the wizard prison. Players have to use potions, spells and magic to escape.


The escape the room game is open to all ages, but since the puzzles can be challenging, those 12 and older may have the most fun with the experience. Just remember that anyone under 18 is required to have adult supervision.

Don’t delay — plan your trip and your costume before it’s too late!

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