Print Book Sales Have Increased!

Any increase in print book sales is a win for books and everyone who loves them.

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Print book sales have increased 15% since August of 2019, according to Publishers Weekly! Some genres have increased higher than others, but any kind of increase in print book sales is a win for books and everyone who loves them. When Ebooks took off the world was scared for a bit, but people enjoy ebooks just as much as print books, and the numbers bear out.

Children’s Books

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The most popular books bought in the last year are books that are to aimed toward helping small children learn. Big Preschool Workbook were number one selling 33,000 copies while My First Learn to Write Book sold 28,000 copies. Last year the Preschool book only sold 14,000, so this was a pandemic spike. Parents are playing dual roles, as teachers and doing their best to teach their little ones the basics. What better way to learn than with the most successful workbook for kids?

Disney Princess: Enchanted Pop-Ups topped the children’s fiction genre, selling at number one.


Young Adult

Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon: 9780593094655 ...
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YA nonfiction came last in sales, but it’s not a dead genre. Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon is the best seller in the YA Non fiction genre, selling 9,000 copies.



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Mary L. Trump’s non fiction book, Too Much and Never Enough is the bestseller in that genre, selling 154,000 copies. Adult non fiction reigns supreme in the sales over the past year.


Sales for all genres increased since last summer and they should continue to increase by next summer as well.

Print books will never go out of style!
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