Princess Rap Battle Pits Hermione Against Katniss

Two of the biggest female characters in YA fiction are inarguably witch Hermione Granger and tribute Katniss Everdeen. Hailing from the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series respectively, the two have been role models to millions of young readers in the 21st century. But what would it be like if they fought each other? We now have an answer, though in a different way than you might expect. 

Princess Rap Battle, a parody of the ever-popular Epic Rap Battles of History series, takes heroines from both fiction and real life and puts them in rhyming duels. “Princess” series creator Whitney Avalon takes on the role of Katniss, while actress Molly C. Quinn plays Hermione. The duo, both surrounded by their love triangle posses, diss each other relentlessly.  

The writers clearly know their source material, as the rhymes are laden with references to plot and characters from both series. All of it is really funny and sure to put a smile on the face of fans, even when they mention some of the darker moments in the books. It’s all done in good sport, of course, as Hermione and Katniss shake hands (and a little more) at the end of the video. 

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