Prince’s Generous Donation Helped Save a Historical Library

Giving from the heart in secret is the best secret brought to light. However, it was no secret that the selfless musician, Prince, always gave a helping hand to countless people and organizations. Prince Rodgers Nelson was a singer, songwriter, and musician best known for his flamboyant appearance. The “Purple Rain” singer was like a male peacock dazzling fans with his fashion and talent, but music was not the only thing he rewarded his fans with.


“Assist your library in reaching all areas of the community.”  -Prince 
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Back in 2001, the singer and humanitarian made a generous donation to a local library, but he wanted the act of kindness to be kept private. However, after his death, the news leaked of what he had done. Prince donated $12,000 dollars to the Louisville Western Public Library, the first library in the state administrated by African Americans in 1905. The library faced possible closure because of a lack of funds, but Prince swooped in with a donation that saved the establishment and went to the children programming and outreach department. It was a secret revealed, but also a reminder that this rock star gave with his heart leaving behind a legacy of hope and inspiration.


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