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Primark’s Jumbo Harry Potter Pillow Casts Comfy Spells All Over Us

Primark is back at it again, making us muggles drop our money quicker than we could blurt out “bloody hell.” Could it be their mugs, sweaters, or baby clothes? Nope, not this time. Now we have the mother of all pillows and we’re enchanted with those comfy, cozy feelings.


The Sun released an article showing a picture of the pillow posted by Money Saver Online via Facebook. The scale is impressive, yet slightly intimidating!


Harry Potter Pillow

Image Via The Sun


The little girl holding it is seemingly hidden behind the pillow. It’s made up of four squares with various black-and-white Harry Potter patterns from the Hogwarts symbol to Hedwig in flight. Comfy and cute? Someone get me my wallet.


This isn’t exactly the relaxing pillow to replace your sleeping pillow, unless you want a major kink in your neck. However, it is good if you want a comfy spot on the floor to read by the window on a rainy day. Or if a group of friends are over someone will definitely call dibs on this while you talk about all things witchcraft and wizardry.


Sadly it’s only in-stores, but on the bright side it’s just twelve pounds! A small price to pay for such a big purchase. Excuse us while we get ready for the greatest nap ever.





Feature Image Via The Sun and Thought Catalog