'Pride and Prejudice'

‘Pride and Prejudice’ Hits The Top With Hip-Hop

A common occurrence  when someone touches on a classic work and changes it up a bit is for the audience to split right down the middle: they love it or they hate it. It’s a harsh truth.


However, in the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Kate Hamill’s new twist on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice seems to be a big hit so far.


'Pride and Prejudice'

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For those who need to brush up on their Austenian literature, here’s a quick review. Pride and Prejudice is a romantic novel with a dash of comedy that graces us with the humor and drama of society and family. The Bennett sisters are unmarried and trying to find their way through society’s norms. When the second eldest, Elizabeth, meets the cold and wealthy Mr. Darcy, the story really takes off.


Now, Kate Hamill is sprinkling a more contemporary flavor on this nineteenth century novel-turned live theatre production.


It was announced by New York Times at the end of June that a New York production of the adaptation was wrapping up and it was no surprise that it’s success carried over to the pacific coast. With funky dance moves to popular hip-hop music, unique takes on characters, and a sister (dear Kitty) cut from the cast, this is undoubtedly a different angle. There is some classic inspiration and use of those well-known lines that have captured us from the start, but let’s not forget… This is 2017, folks. Ideas are welcome. Yet it’s hard to picture a conservative English family dancing around to something from a top 40 hit list


In an article in The Herald, Hamill explains her concerns about changing a story with such a big following.


People might feel I have desecrated their idols… But, you know, at least I’ve done something interesting. Most ‘Janeites’ are pretty open-minded people; they’re exceptionally generous. Because sometimes I’m taking liberties.


'Pride and Prejudice'

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If you’re a die-hard fan of the novel, the BBC series, and/or the films, then you may find this depiction… Deplorable? But if you love a change and new point of view then please go ahead and check this out if you’re on the west coast… and daydream of being Lizzy Bennet. 


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