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Power to the Princess: Disney Announces ‘Tiana’ Animated Series

My fellow Princess Tiana stans it’s time to stand up! Disney, the home of pixie dust and princess’ solos has decided to expand her story! For years fans of The Princess and the Frog have desired more Tiana time, and the Disney angels finally heard our pleas. Tiana who broke glass-ceilings for being Disney’s first black princess has landed her own animated show on Disney+ set to premier in 2022. Many fans of The Princess and the Frog have rightfully critiqued the film’s tone-deaf decision for making the first black princess a frog for the majority of her first film; you can check out my article on this topic right here. This comes right on the heels of Disney finally addressing their problematic history with its famous ride Splash Mountain and giving Princess Tiana her own ride. Essentially Princess Tiana is getting her long-overdue flowers for sure. 

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But don’t sit down yet, because the good news is still rolling! My fellow Moana stans, we’re being fed too! Moana who respectfully broke barriers too, (and made me cry) is expected to debut after Tiana in 2023 on Disney+. Anyone who knows me knows Moana and Tiana are in my top three princesses list; so it’ll be amazing to see these powerful women in their respected worlds and what they’ve been up too since we last saw them. Especially since they were the only princesses of color, without a sequel it’s nice that they’re given a good dose of attention.

Are you as excited for this as I am? Which princesses are in your top three?