Pottermore Sorts Muggles Around the World, Again

When Pottermore relaunched in September of last year, there was one vital thing missing (okay, there were many…). The Sorting Hat feature is one that Potter fans have been basing their Hogwarts identities on since the initial launch in 2009. Although there are many ‘sorting’ quizzes out there, this is the one that is known to be true and official—it was written by Rowling herself, after all. 

Now, it’s back, and something has changed. Pottermore claims that they have only added beautiful images to enhance the experience and that the questions and algorithm remain the same, but not everyone is convinced. 

Some people are feeling a little less than thrilled with their new houses:

If you have an old username and password you can reclaim your original house—which would eliminate any issues with the algorithm that has apparently not changed. If you do wish to be resorted or it’s your first time on the site, you can do so here

Courtesy of Pottermore

If you happen to get resorted into a house you don’t agree with, never fear. Take it from a Hufflepuff who was just sorted into Slytherin: you know where you really belong.


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